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C-R Little Farm
Diluted foals are our specialty!!!

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Here at C-R Little Farm, we have a fine selection of Missouri Fox trotter mares with quality bloodlines and confirmation, smooth gait and great dispositions.

First broodmare: Jewels                                                                                                           

 This is one of my best mares and she is  "NOT" for sale .......

Jewels Vanity JB-MFTHBA black sabino 10 yr old. Broke to ride and drive.

 Jewels has had several foals with color and superior dispositions. Her cross with Zues gave us a gorgeous palomino filly.  

We cant say enough how happy we are with this mare. Thank you Nancy for this wonderful mare.


   Toddy's Perfection. 




 "Sun E Dee" we call her "Sundee" .... She is a sorrel registered Fox Trotter mare, broke to ride and drive and is just a sweet wonderful little mare. 14.3 hands but solid, and a doll to handle. Thank you Sally and Traci for this mare, we love her so much ... she will cross well with Zeus when we breed her spring of 2011. She has had two foals before and has been all over the united states trail riding..... SHE IS NOT FOR SALE, thanks for asking but she is definately staying..... She is officially my husbands horse now.

More updated Pics and pedigree soon...

  "Paints Mona Lisa"-A Double Creme and possibly Champagne (test pending) registered Missouri Fox Trotter mare that we added to our breeding program. She is a very sweet mare with a ton of potentials in many different directions. One being a future broodmare to produce some awesome foals crossed with Zeus. She is about 15.2 hands, and 1100 lbs, a gorgeous color with two very pretty blueish green eyes. We will get some better pics very soon of her all bathed and spifted up. "Mona" is her barn name. She has impecable bloodlines and a great loving disposition. We will continue her training and hopefully she will make a nice trail horse for our guided trail rides in a couple of years. We will post her pedigree soon as well. Her foal may be offered for sale. Interested parties please email me. MONA IS NOT FOR SALE SORRY!!! 


 She is much more defined and filled out and "shiny like a sparkling bottle of champagne" than these pics show of her. She is such a sweetheart and sooo lovable. Loves me right to pieces and loves little kids..  She will make awesome foals with Zeus, they will be double dilute guaranteed!!!!. And will most likely be tall like the two of them. She is an excellent addition to our breeding program. Thank you Winnie. We just love her to pieces. Mona has the same sire as our red and white mare "Cheyenne" his name is  (Paints Golden Buck). 


Cheyennes Gold-Fox Trotter mare, homozygous for tobiano, gaits really nice, a wonderful willing to please mare who is gorgeous in every way. We had reservations about selling her and I have decided she is only to be sold to a special home. She is too nice of a mare and very willing and easy going, loves to trail ride and be loved. She will stay here at C-R Little Farm if we cant find a great home for her otherwise. FOR SALE TO THE RIGHT HOME ONLY



This mare next is a mare we used to own a few years ago, and got back recently. We are thrilled to have her back.. She is a purebred Morgan, broke to ride and drive, great youth horse and has become our grandson's new mount.  "Patsy Black" is back to stay!! She is an excellent babysitter too. She is my Grandson Arthur's horsey!  As you can see he loves her!!  I just love the picture of Arthur leading his horse to saddle her up.

 NO SHE IS NOT FOR SALE!!!!! She is here for the rest of her long long days!!



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